Important Notes on Boxee

I want to share all the problems that I encountered while programming Boxee application.Before I started, I want to mention that I used notepad++ for my XML File. There should be lots of XML based editors, but choose a editor with python support if you can find.

1)You should create a shorcut of your application folder to Desktop, it will save my time a lot.

2)You should not use random id numbers for your control objects.

3)Never trust registry.xml file because everyone can manupilate its data.

4)You should write comments to your controls.This will help to recognize objects without opening it.

5)In order to save your file registry.xml:
mc.GetApp().GetLocalConfig().SetValue('lastplayed', label)

6)To change visibility of a control:
The parameter must start with capital letter. (True, False)

7)Change bool value of control to true:
But the reverse is not correct. You should use reset to change bool to false:
xbmc.executebuiltin( 'App.Reset(1006)' )
I created resetAll() function in order not to implement same code repeatedly.

8)Get visibility information:
if mc.GetActiveWindow().GetControl(1000).IsVisible():

8)Set focus to a control:

9)Connect XML link with a list

10)Add parameters to string:
strChannelPrograms = 'http://testm.kure.tv/user/XmlFeed.aspx?command=getChannelPrograms&par1=%s&kalite=%s'%(kanalnum,kalite)

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  1. Dear Furkan, congratulations on your application on Boxee. I am proud to see Kure.TV to be the first app on this popular platform. Kure.TV is a high quality video content portal.

    My only problem is I cannot see any videos when I open the Kure.TV app inside Boxee. I am using W7 and connecting from the US. Is the app still working?