Emerging BWA Technologies

Cellular networks are not designed for high bandwidth data transfer for simultaneous users. Instead it is used for voice communication.It supports mobility.
There are three standard networking in wireless communication.

WLAN: For an office or home. Small coverage and high data rate
Typical AP has range of 30-50m indoors and 100m outdoors. With directional antennas(P2P) kilometers of range can be reached.
CSMA is used to prevent collusion of different user access.
WiFi to support different devices - IEEE 802.11 family
540Mbps with IEEE 802.11

WMAN: Larger coverage than WLAN using subscribers and base stations.
1-4km coverage.
WiMAX to support different devices.
Mesh Mode: Subscribers help each other when NLOS is observed.
Ubiquitous: Ready in everywhere and every time.
135Mbps data rate for LOS users but it decreases when mobility support is concerned.

WWAN: Satellites are used in this network.
15km and upper coverage.
16-18Mbps IEEE 802.22

Data rate drops when coverage increases.
WWAN and WLAN uses lower frequency. NLOS WMAN is also lower.
Integration of these networks will be result in better BWA.

Related Words:
Nomadic: Non-stationary
Contention: Competition of users
Consortium:International Trade Agreement

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