Fixing 403 Problem

Today, I encountered an interesting problem related with IIS.Although the page is loaded normally, random postback calls was resulted in HTTP 403 error. (The request entity is too large) The problem started to occur after we changed http binding to https (secure) binding with a specific port. After some google search, I found SSL related old IIS articles and some config parameters related to this problem. Generally the problem is caused by downloading/uploading big pictures. However in my case there is not a big picture or any data that exceeds few KBs. Still the problem was persisted. I just changed uploadreadaheadsize  in adstuil.vbs and the problem seems to be solved.
The file that is changed is:
The required command to change the related parameter:
csscript adsutil.vbs(full path) w3svc/1/uploadreadaheadsize [INTEGER]

By the way the reason that SSL limits the size is to prevent DOS attacks. So be ready for anything if you change size...


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